Unify and Streamline Library Resource Management with Alma (EMEA)

Unify and Streamline Library Resource Management with Alma (EMEA)

Libraries like yours tell us that to succeed in a constantly changing environment, they must be flexible and innovative.

Lecturers expect round-the-clock services. The demand for electronic resources continues to grow, while budgets remain sensitive.

Complex and time-consuming tasks leave librarians little scope for institution-level strategic tasks, such as promoting the reputation of the university. To tackle these challenges, libraries turn to Alma, a leading cloud-based library management solution that centralises the management of print and digital materials in a single platform.

With Alma you can:

Alma can help you focus on the things that really matter.

Sign up for a demo and gain insight into how Alma enables you to manage library assets in one system, how it leverages the cloud and APIs to streamline daily operations and provides insights for smarter decision making.

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