Increase Student Engagement:

Active Learning With Leganto

Social Reading makes course resource lists the place to meet.

Reading course materials does not have to be a solitary experience.

The Leganto course resource list solution provides students with easy access to all course materials and promotes collaboration between librarians and instructors. It also facilitates active learning, further expanding the library’s support for teaching, learning and fostering student success.

Highly valued by faculty, Social Reading and Read & Respond Assignment activities are key features in remote and on-campus learning environments. With Leganto Social Reading, students can engage with content collaboratively — sharing comments, questions, and feedback with each other by annotating PDF files assigned by the instructor. Students can also add private notes that only they can see.

In this webinar, learn how you can provide an excellent patron experience, collaborate and communicate across campus and support your university’s mission reliably and cost-effectively.

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Jessie Ransom
Teaching & Learning Product Specialist
  • Jessie Ransom
    Teaching & Learning Product Specialist